Explore the Rich Variety of Mead at The Beerded Lady Bottle Shop

Welcome to The Beerded Lady Bottle Shop, your ultimate destination for the finest selection of meads in Garner, just a short ten-minute drive from downtown Raleigh. Whether you’re a seasoned mead enthusiast or new to this ancient honey-based beverage, our shop boasts an unparalleled variety that promises to delight every palate. Let’s explore the extraordinary brands of mead we carry and why you should make The Beerded Lady Bottle Shop your go-to spot for this unique drink.

Our Exceptional Mead Selection

At The Beerded Lady Bottle Shop, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of meads from renowned producers across the country and beyond. Here’s a glimpse of the fantastic brands you’ll find on our shelves:

  1. Apimed
    • Known for their award-winning Slovakian meads, Apimed crafts exquisite varieties that reflect the rich traditions and unique flora of their homeland.
  2. B. Nektar
    • Hailing from Michigan, B. Nektar infuses traditional mead with a creative twist, offering flavors that are bold, innovative, and sure to impress.
  3. Chaucer’s Wine
    • Chaucer’s Wine, based in California, is celebrated for its classic, high-quality meads that bring the taste of history to your glass.
  4. Crafted Artisan Meadery
    • This Ohio-based meadery focuses on modern mead with a nod to tradition, creating vibrant and distinctive flavors.
  5. Fox Hill Meadery
    • Locally made in North Carolina, Fox Hill Meadery produces a range of delightful meads, showcasing the best of local ingredients and craftsmanship.
  6. Moon Dog Meadery
    • Also locally made in North Carolina, Moon Dog Meadery offers unique and locally-inspired flavors that capture the essence of our region.
  7. Moonlight Meadery
    • From New Hampshire, Moonlight Meadery is known for its commitment to quality and an impressive variety of mead styles, from sweet to dry.
  8. Redstone Meadery
    • Based in Colorado, Redstone Meadery offers meads that are as innovative as they are delicious, perfect for any occasion.
  9. Silver Hand Meadery
    • Located in Virginia, Silver Hand Meadery brings a unique touch to their meads with a strong focus on honeybee education and preservation.
  10. St. Ambrose Cellars
    • This Michigan meadery combines tradition with creativity, producing meads that are flavorful and well-crafted.
  11. Stardust Cellars
    • A North Carolina gem, Stardust Cellars focuses on biodynamic and organic practices to create meads that are as sustainable as they are delightful.

The Largest Selection of Meads in Garner

Our diverse array of meads ensures that whether you prefer something sweet, dry, or sparkling, you’ll find a bottle that suits your taste. As the largest selection of meads in Garner, The Beerded Lady Bottle Shop is dedicated to bringing you both local favorites and exotic varieties from across the globe.

Shop Online or Visit Us In-Store

We invite you to browse our extensive mead collection online at our online shop. Here, you can explore the different brands and flavors from the comfort of your home. Better yet, visit us in person at our Garner location to receive personalized recommendations and discover new favorites.

Visit Us Today

Located conveniently close to downtown Raleigh, The Beerded Lady Bottle Shop is your destination for exploring the enchanting world of mead. Stop by today, and let our knowledgeable staff guide you through our vast selection to find the perfect mead for any occasion.

Cheers to discovering new flavors and enjoying the rich, diverse world of mead. We look forward to welcoming you to The Beerded Lady Bottle Shop soon!